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The shadowbox is enabled by default, and allows you to click on the images in your gallery, to open them in a pop-up box.

The included shadowbox can be used for content outside of your gallery if you wish. To do this, create a link to the image you want to show in the shadowbox, and include rel=”shadowbox”. For example, the below markup would open myimage.jpg in the shadowbox:

<a href=”myimage.jpg” rel=”shadowbox[rc_gallery]”> Open the image in a shadowbox. </a>

Note that this will only work on pages where you’ve also included a gallery.

There’s loads of choice out there for shadowboxes, and so you may prefer to use a different one. If that’s the case, select the option “Use another shadowbox” from the plugin’s admin page. The result is that the thumbnails will include a link to the original image, with:


...included, but the plugin’s shadowbox won’t be loaded. This will mean they’ll open with whichever other shadowbox you have installed and enabled.