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Install the plugin in the usual way. It can then be found under Extensions > Plugins > RC Gallery. To make the plugin really easy to use, you can then install the Editor Button Add-on. Both plugins will automatically enable themselves once installed.

You can uninstall the plugin in the usual way. Note that while all of the extensions files will be completely removed, the thumbnails generated for your galleries will remain. You can easily delete these using your FTP client, or through Joomla’s media manager. These will be in folders called rc_thumbs inside your original image folders, for each gallery you’ve included.

To upgrade to a newer version of the plugin, just install the new version in the usual way. It will install over the top of your previous installation, and retain your settings.

You can also install the editor button add-on plugin, available from as a separate download. As with the main plugin, this is installed, uninstalled and upgraded in the usual way. Once installed, it will automatically enable itself. This can be found under Extensions > Plugins > RC Justified Gallery Editor Button Add-on.